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Moisturizing hand sanitizer with neroli branches, oil, and bitter oranges

Discover the power of natural essential oils and the best vitamins for your skin

We set out to make the best natural all day hand sanitizer. All of the benefits, less of the drawbacks. Never see hand sanitizer the same after using our high quality sanitizer infused with our unique blend of organic essential oils and non-gmo vitamins.

Soft & Silky, Not Dry and Sticky

We took our product out on the streets to test it and get peoples feedback our formula. Check out what people had to say! 

What People are saying

Glass Bottles Are Better™


All of our ingredients are FDA regulated and carefully sourced. Our essential oils are USDA Organic Therapeutic Grade for the best smelling, best feeling sanitizer possible.


Made by a team of chemists, doctors, and pharmacists, have peace of mind knowing Dr.Shultz's was made with our customer's hands in mind by caring professionals. We took out the bad stuff, and left only the essentials.


No more cost-cutting sanitizer ingredients. We only manufacture with FDA regulated ingredients with strict screening to ensure the highest standard of quality in our products.


No more extra chemicals for scent and feel. Just all-natural essential oils and vitamins with moisturizing and aromatherapy properties. Only the good stuff, no additives.

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