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#committoclean Week 1

#committoclean Week 1

Navigating the strange world with COVID-19 impacting our daily lives. From tips on how to stay healthy, to info about the virus, to funny content - Everything about coronavirus you need from a sanitizer company. 

**This page is updated daily with new information and content

Update 4/7/20 : Day 7: How to safely order, accept, and consume food deliveries during quarantine.

Although we can’t go out to our favorite pho restaurant anymore, that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck at home with ramen. Here’s how to safely accept and consume food deliveries during quarantine.

  1. Practice social distancing
    1. Several apps and restaurants are opting for contactless delivery or pickup. Take advantage of this if possible to protect yourself and the staff.
    2. Whether you are picking up, having a curbside pickup, or having a driver come directly to your door- practice social distancing. Six feet! Don’t feel like you are offending somebody by giving them their personal space.
    3. You can also leave delivery instructions on some apps, so if you are able to have the food left on your doorstep, let the deliverer know. 
  2. Throw away or recycle the packaging right away.
    1. There is no evidence that coronavirus is transmitted from food or food packaging, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Nor is there any indication that people have contracted coronavirus, from consuming food, said food-safety expert Benjamin Chapman, a professor at North Carolina State University.
    2. Let’s also remember that coronavirus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  3. Disinfect any surface the packaging has come in contact with, and use your own utensils. 
  4. Wash your hands or sanitize before eating or drinking and enjoy :)

Other things to consider:

  1. Support your local restaurants. 
    1. There's no doubt about it. The restaurant industry is taking a hit right now. What you want to see survive through this pandemic is what you decide to support right now. So make sure you think about the restaurants you really like and show them some love.
    2. With that in mind, make sure you choose a restaurant you can trust and believe that they are taking care of their staff 
  2. Order directly from the restaurant if you can.
    1. Delivery apps take a commission, and ordering directly only helps the restaurant even more.
    2. Some apps have waived fees for some independent businesses, so don’t feel like take out is the only way. 
  3. Rate, Tip and review
    1. This is important now more than ever. These ratings often impact the gig-workers ability to get work, so make sure you are leaving good ratings for them to keep going, and tip well- it’s the right thing to do.
    2. Leave a review for the restaurant. Let them know they are doing a good job and let others know they are a good option for them too.

Update 4/6/20 : Day 6: Surviving the Quarantine WFH

A month working from home can definitely be a change of pace for most. It's all about getting in the zone. You need to trick your mind and recondition so it still thinks you are at work while you are home.

It starts with creating a dedicated workspace. Sitting on the couch is a surefire way to develop bad posture and only makes you more susceptible to turning on the TV while waiting for that document to load. Being too leisurely will only give your brain fuel to switch into lazy mode, so pick a spot in your house or room to work from, and consider leaving your phone behind.

Keep your phone a short walk away, and check it periodically throughout the day. This will keep you from falling into 10 minute social media time trap scrolls. In general, it’s best to stay off social media during the day. Set aside time during your breaks to catch up on posts and DM’s

So, let's talk about dress code: obviously there isn't one that is enforced. However, we would recommend resisting the urge to only dress in home clothes. From a phycology perspective, looking and feeling fresh puts us into a better mood, which increases our productivity and stamina. No need for a suit and tie, but maybe pajamas don't keep you as alert and in the game as you would be on a normal day. Stay in your normal routine by getting ready in the morning and setting your professional mindset like any regular day. Check out more tips for staying on top of work from home here.

Nailing tasks without getting sidetracked : the Pomodoro Technique.

Since you are in one place all day, it's hard to make the mental switch from work to relax, to even things we generally don't see as distractions, like chores.

It is important to make sure you are taking efficient breaks for your brain to relax, but equally important to make sure your breaks are not sidetracked and prolonged. 

Using the Pomodoro technique for completing tasks can eliminate the ambiguity of your day, as well as create black & white stopping points for your brain to turn work mode on and off. Here's how it works:

  1. Decide on the task to be done.
  2. Set the timer for a task sprint. Traditionally 25 minute task sprints keep your brain fresh, without burning out.
  3. Work on the task with undivided attention.
  4. End work when the timer rings and put a checkmark on a piece of paper.
  5. If you have fewer than four checkmarks, take a short break (3–5 minutes), then go to step 2.
  6. After four pomodoros, take a longer break (15–30 minutes), reset your checkmark count to zero, then go to step 1.

Avoiding Cabin Fever 

Since you are in one place all day, it's hard to make the mental switch from work to relax, to even things we generally don't see as distractions, like chores. Here's 4 things you can do every 30 min break to avoid cabin fever.

  1. Take a walk by yourself, or with a furry friend if you have one. A brisk 20 minute walk will calm your mind, loosen your legs, and get you out the house.
  2. Ride a bike, skateboard, or scooter. Time to pull those out the attic and take off the cobwebs. These are more active and are sure to hit the "reset" button when you need a real break. Even if you don't have great gear, do it anyway.Do a 20 min workout
  3. Do a quick 20 minute workout. You don't really need a gym to stay fit. Gyms closing is likely the excuse many people have been waiting for to bail on their health and fitness goals. Don't be one of them. Some of the most intense fitness programs like some P90x courses consist only of body weight exercises. Here are a bunch of "Work"out from Home routines you can count on to keep you in shape. Plus, getting a good sweat is one of the best ways to avoid going cabin crazy. But, you can create a custom plan - if you do some youtube searching, there are a zillion ways to get an amazing workout at home with minimal/no gear.
  4. Call your mom. Very important, plus also very full proof way to get a breath of fresh air from your day.

Update 4/5/20 : Day 5 : How Germs Spread + Prevention

Here's the thing - germs spread extremely easily, much more easily than most people realize. From being in the same room, to touching the same things, germs are being spread non-stop. Many germs that are exchanged on a daily basis do not cause harm, while unfortunately others do. To demonstrate just how easy it is to spread germs, check out this video we think does an amazing job.

    The ultimate defense against getting sick is touching your face. It is almost impossible to make sure there are never germs on your hands, but if you can make sure you don't touch your face, then you are in the clear of contracting anything in between washing and sanitizing.

    How do I protect myself from the virus?

    We'll get a bit of help here from Professor Dr.P Pailli Thordarson @ UNSW. There's basically a few things you need to know from his message, and then a few we'd like to add. You can check out his full video here.

    1. Soap and Water for 20 seconds - The soap and water need to mix in order to create the chemical reaction which breaks down the virus. Wash anytime you go out.
    2. Use hand sanitizer when out and about - When soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer will kill the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, the hand sanitizer needs to be at least 60-80% ethanol/ethyl alcohol in order to be effective. Do not use sanitizers without this composition
    3. Do not Touch Your Face - As we've repeated over and over, ears, nose, and mouth is how you get infected.
    4. Extra - Quarantine Deliveries - While we've mentioned theres not much harm from inside the package, there is still the factor of the carrier. Keep in mind there has been no correlation found, but if you are paranoid, here's how to do it right. Open packages outside using gloves and remove from the box using bare hands. Carry contents inside to quarantined areas, and dispose of the box separately with gloves.
    5. Extra - Shopping - Stay 6 feet away from the nearest person. As always, do not touch your face. The CDC and White House are recommending that people use a cloth as a face mask to cover up their nose and mouth. 

    "Hand sanitizer will kill the virus, but you have the problem that you still need to get everywhere." Make sure you use enough to cover the entire surface area, and a drying time of 15 seconds to kill all the germs. If it dries to quick, it didn't work. If you are using spray sanitizer, apply generously. 

    How do I protect other from the virus?

    Check out the 5 things that are being recommended through the Stay at Home, Save Lives Campaign.

    1. STAY home as much as you can
    2. KEEP a safe distance (6 feet)
    3. WASH hands often 
    4. COVER your cough (with your elbow)
    5. SICK? Call ahead and quarantine.

    Update 4/4/20 : Day 4: Corona 101

    The basics of COVID-19. How it spreads, who can contract it, and what you can do. There is a lot of misinformation around the virus, so we did the digging to cut through the mud. Check out Dr. Fauci, infections disease expert, speak on the virus with Trevor Noah here.

    Q: How do you catch Coronavirus?

    There are varied degrees of risk. Sneezing and coughing, which produces contaminated droplets, are the primary ways COVID-19 is spread. These can also create contaminated aerosol, which lingers in a room after the infected person has left, though much less common. Handshakes after innocent coughs, or even touching a door knob which is contaminated can lead to infection as well.

    Q: Can I get coronavirus from touching a rail or surface with coronavirus?

    Coronavirus can live on inanimate objects including steel and plastic for at least several hours. It is important to wash or sanitize immediately after touching unquarantined surfaces .

    The virus infects a host through the eyes, mouth, or nose, so it is absolutely crucial not to touch your face.

    Q: Can I spread the virus without symptoms?

    Even though you may not be symptomatic, you can still pass on the virus up to 12-14 days. Make sure you are social distancing and self-isolating. According to Dr. Fauci, it is the most crucial part about beating this. 

     “You have a responsibility, not only to protect yourself, but a societal, moral responsibility to protect other people.”

    Q: Does it only affect elderly?

    No. While elderly typically have the hardest time fighting the virus, Coronavirus affects people of all ages, and has recorded cases of intensive care required regardless of age group. Young people are also most likely to act as asymptomatic carriers to vulnerable demographics, with longer incubation periods.

    Q: There is a lot of misinformation online, and people even claiming medication and home remedies - do you have a recommendation to the public?

    Right now, there is no proven safe direct therapy for coronavirus. There are many clinical trials going on right now. There are risks that come along with any medication and a mishap could be fatal.


    Update 4/3/20 : Day 3: Keeping it "Light", Quarentine Memes

    UPDATES ON RESTOCK : With the strain on the industry, there is a large shortage of alcohol, as well as components. Fortunately, we have secured components for our shipment, and confirmed a manufacturing date of completion on 5/28/2020.


    After eating entirely too many chips, we realized the toll that lockdown is beginning to take on our health. Last time a few of us over at Shultz stepped on the scale, we were all feeling the same thing : Quarantined. Coming soon: Shultz Work and workout from home tips.


    Also, happened to run into this gem from just about exactly a year ago. Let's go ahead and loop this guy in with the "I like my germs" people. Please stay clean people! 

    Pete Hegseth Take Quote about Germs

    Update 4/2/20 : Day 2: The Basics - Sanitizer Needs 60% Alcohol to Kill Coronavirus.

    Here is what is important. Since we can't sell you sanitizer, we need to make sure you are at least buying the right stuff.

    This is how it works - Viruses and bacteria are essentially composed of a shell and some DNA, which wants to replicate. Alcohol is effective at killing these microbes, as once you are over 60% alcohol, it pierces these shells, and inactivates their proteins. This process is called denaturationThe FDA released a final ruling this year that requires this as an ingredient in order to claim "Kills 99.9%"

    So if 60% is good, isn’t 100% even better?

    Surprisingly, no. Protein denaturation actually works faster when a small amount of water is mixed with the alcohol. And pure alcohol would evaporate too quickly to effectively kill bacteria or viruses on your skin, especially during winter when the air is less humid.

    So beware! You Might Be Buying a Hand Sanitizer That Won't Work for Coronavirus. Just as the article outlines, the pandemic is causing people to buy price gouged amazon sanitation items that are not effective against the threat. There is no proven information around microbial claims from any other active ingredients. 

    Update 4/1/20 : Day 1: #committoclean

    This is the situation. With the current situation of backorder, and the environment of sanitation surrounding COVID, we feel obligated to provide people with a way to be clean as we wait for our product to restock. So, we will be providing daily updates, tips, news, and info to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We filter through the #fakenews and give it all to you in our feed.

    This is our #commitmenttoclean, and we ask people make a commitment of their own. 

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