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Essential Oily : A 15 Second Recap of our Product

Essential Oily : A 15 Second Recap of our Product

What started as a joke around Shultz HQ led us to the catchphrase of our newest Dr. Shultz marketing campaign - “Essential Oily”. We used it in a matter-of-fact manner, until we put it together with all of the features and benefits of Doc Shultz. Our product is simple- eight higher quality ingredients, great-smelling natural essential oils, and the soft and silky feeling that follows. How could we communicate this in a 15-second video? 

We Love Nurses, and Nurses Love Us Too

Some of our most supportive customers are in the healthcare industries and after attending multiple events, we hear tons of positive feedback from nurses. We thought that showing two, double shift enduring nurses would be a great way to combine our word-of-mouth approach to the concept while paying homage to the heavy workload they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Enter our two friends, Sabrina and Steph- two hard working nurses that never stop Shultz-ing. 

essential oily sanitizer commercial nurse behind the scenes

(We want to thank Cleveland State University for their support by letting us film in the lobby of their student center so we didn’t have to disrupt any hospitals)

Because we didn’t want to disrupt any hospital with our shoot, we reached out to Cleveland State University to create a makeshift hospital lobby. Thankfully their large space and their perfectly colored benches made it easy to create a hospital look without any problems.

the germ and nurses behind the scenes

Any Shultz campaign is not complete until we have our beloved “Germ” make an appearance.

the germ posing on a rail


The Germ is still out there, lingering amongst the shadows, dreaming of germs on a handrail or door handle. Thankfully, the Doc is always looking out and keeping The Germ at bay. But sometimes he gets close..

the germ breaking down because its not dirty

At this point, we really don’t need to direct The Germ. He gets gross, and goes to work. He is always improvising and we love every second of it. Between takes, the germ still is active, answering calls while on break between scenes, scaring the others around us just by the look of him. We may or may not have had people approach him to make sure he’s okay, and the sad reality of it- he’s not.

Workout freaks are clean freaks too

I think we can all agree one of the most disgusting parts of gyms are the fact that you never really know who was touching all of that equipment before you. Think about it- you get on an eliptical, touch the start button and grab the handles. Who was just on this? Why does the entire area around me smell like an old sock filled with garlic? Fresh tip- always wipe down workout gear and always keep a bottle in your gym bag. You don’t need to leave somewhere healthy to get unhealthy. 

Our next scenario plays in to all of that sweat work put in at the gym. After the cool down comes the freshen up. The Germ gets his swell on too. Don’t mind him. Got some good stretches in. 

the germ stretching and getting all over a pole


Sweaty and exhausted, Erin has to double check to see if she heard Remy correctly- you mean this is basically the best sanitizer ever? You heard it right Erin.


using hand sanitizer in a gym


Either way, we were super excited to finally see the Essential Oily campaign come together with so much enthusiasm. We can’t wait to share the full campaign with everyone, and recreate the feeling when you just have to tell someone about the product you’ve been obsessing over. 

the germ getting ready to paint a gym with germs

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