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Doctor Shultz's Sanitizer - Fox 8 New Day Cleveland

Doctor Shultz's Sanitizer - Fox 8 New Day Cleveland

After only a few months after starting Dr. Shultz, word got out about our formula. When word travels, it travels quick, and sometimes, to the right people that can help more. After receiving an email from the lovely people down at Fox 8 news, we were presented with the opportunity to tell all of their viewers about Dr. Shultz Premium Hand Sanitizer. New Day Cleveland is a local segment that appears on Fox 8’s broadcast showcasing local restaurants, products, and attractions by hosts David Moss and Natalie Herbick. We were pleased to find ourselves with other Cleveland locals, The Nooma Brothers of sports and electrolyte drink “NOOMA” as well as Not Yo’ Daddy’s Hot Sauce and Whitefeather Meats.

Shultz Hand Sanitizer on Fox 8

Standing in front of a camera to be seen by thousands of people was slightly nerve-wrecking. Thinking about not saying the words “um”,“uh” and simply nothing at all is constantly running through your head- which is great because all you really want to say at that point is “um”,”uh” and nothing at all. Thankfully David Moss was a pro and kept the conversation going, asking us questions about the company and sprinkling in a few praises here and there too. (David, if you’re reading this, we used some of your quotes for our websites testimonials). We were fortunate enough to share a pre-launch campaign just a few weeks before opening up our crowdfunding push. This was a great opportunity for us as a company to gain momentum, and share our product to everyone who has been stuck using regular sanitizer. You can check out the program here.


A Welcoming Entrepreneur Community In Cleveland

We were so excited to be featured by some of our favorite companies in Cleveland. Cleveland has seen a big boost in entrepreneurs over the past few years. With help from the CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles” series as well as the constant development of new areas in need of retail space, Cleveland has become the city of small businesses. Some of the fine folks we were honored to be with:


We have been following the Nooma Brothers before Dr. Shultz was even a thought. After meeting the duo at a local grocery store while doing a product demo, we fell in love with their product and have always followed their journey. From product demos, to national grocery stores, we were happily excited to be featured alongside Brandon and Jarred. You can find NOOMA in over 3,000 stores nationwide.

Not Yo’ Daddy’s Hot Sauces

We love hot sauce too. Anytime we are introduced to a new one, it’s a good day. Not Yo’ Daddy’s Hot sauce featured founder Cristina Gonzalez Alcala making the Not Yo’ Daddy’s Michelada. A smokey, yet spicy Mexican bloody mary. Cristina’s three-generation-old recipe is sure to spice up anything you put it on.

Whitefeather Meats

Whitefeather Meats was founded over 200 years ago down in Creston, Ohio. Specializing in everything from bison, elk, venison, and pork, their locally sourced meats are the perfect piece to an empty grill. The bearded butchers showed us how to perfectly smoke some chicken and beef kebabs and gave the lowdown on all of their crafted spices and sauces to add for the extra kick of flavor. These guys definitely knew what they were doing.

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