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📦 Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50! 📦
📦 Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50! 📦
The Germ the brand character shot on off white

Funded! - Dr. Shultz hits their goal through IndieGoGo Crowdfunding

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer on Indiegogo. We hit our goal in under a month, getting featured on IndieGoGo's ONDEMAND brand list. Out mission to make the best sanitizer. If you haven't seen our crowdfunding page, check it out here.

Funding Doc Shultz 

After we created the secret formula, and having success with trials locally, we decided it's time to begin hitting stores. But, we needed funds to hit minimum quantities to manufacture on that scale. With just an additional $15,000 we could manufacture both sizes of our signature product. 

Screenshot of Doc Shultz Hand Sanitizer Indiegogo Funding

The Germ Movie & Trials

The biggest part of a pre-order campaign, is the story behind the product and the evidence to back it up. We needed a way to communicate the Dr. Shultz story, as well as how the formula works in action. So, we decided to do random trials in public places, as well as create short film about our brand.

Most sanitizers dry out your hands, leave your hands sticky, and smelling like harsh chemicals.

But what if sanitizer left your hands feeling soft & silky?




Killing 99.9% of germs has never been this fresh.

At Dr. Shultz's we believe that sanitizer and staying clean should uplift your mood. A pump delivers the perfect amount as the delicate and subtle smell of fresh neroli revitalizes you.



In a nutshell, it's better all around.

We were so excited to hit our goal, an even more excited to send out orders. 

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