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screeenshot of shultz movie - Doc shultz seeing a client when dirty

The Germ Movie : Explaining Doc Shultz Essential Oil Sanitizer


So who is Dr. Shultz? You wouldn’t be the first to ask. We get this question a lot, but fortunately we love to tell the story. If you’re looking for the answer here it is:

The Shultz Story

Dr. Shultz is a man of many faces, a family man who cherishes the health and well-being of his loved ones, a doctor devoted to providing the best care possible to his patients, and most importantly, a visionary for working toward a healthier and cleaner world. Dr. Shultz has used hand sanitizer to combat the many bacterial threats we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Hand sanitizer was a staple in his house, car, and pocket. But there was an issue – low quality alcohols, ingredients, and chemical aromas in regular hand sanitizer would irritate his hands. He stopped using it completely and grew dirty. 

Over time he grew dirtier and dirtier, becoming a unpleasantly unfresh version of himself, dubbed "The Germ".

One night in the lab, Dr.Shultz made an incredible discovery - “Dr.Shultz’s Secret Formula”. Not so secret at all, Dr.Shultz reinvented hand sanitizer to get the job done & kill bacteria while leaving the skin moisturized and soft with essential oils & vitamins. He defeated his alter-ego, and proceeded to spread his renewed cleanliness! "Stay Fresh -- Fight the Germ"

Where did the hand sanitizer formula come from?

Now, for all of the skimmers out there- we had to make this easier to explain. We needed a better solution to traditional hand sanitizer- much like the Doc, and our customers. We created the story of Doctor Shultz to explain what we went through. Just two average guys, we were pretty fed up with how regular hand sanitizer smelled and felt on your hands. We were at the point where every natural sanitizer smelled funky, and every regular hand sanitizer just smelled like chemicals and left your hands feeling awful. So, we wanted to make a better hand sanitizer, that got the job done, and left your hands Soft & Silky, not Dry and Sticky.

“We didn't know how to make the better sanitizer we were looking for, so we went to a dermal testing facility that essentially removed all the extra ingredients and infused that base sanitizer formula with natural essential oils and the best vitamins for your skin. After a few trials, we had a great product”- Valentin Garkov, Co-Founder

Explaining Natural Hand Sanitizer

How could we explain the story of Doctor Shultz in under 5 minutes? A doctor who used sanitizer so much he got dry sticky hands, and grew dirty - Until he founded the secret essential oil and vitamin formula. We decided to make a short film to better explain our company. Enter “The Germ Movie” a 72-hour, sleepless, redbull-induced film covering the story of Dr. Shultz for all to know. 

Behind the scenes of shultz sanitizer germ movie shoot

Turning to friends, family and the lucky contestant to play “The Germ” we started filming. With the help of a professional make up artist we were able to turn Dr. Shultz into the germ in a snap


Dr. Shultz’s own family got to test their acting chops:

And we even round up our “dirtier” friends to throw some burgers out the window of their car. Yes, this took multiple takes and yes, we used the same burger. The extra ketchup stains on The Germ’s coat only helped. 

Behind the scenes guy throwing burger out window

How fun is running in the woods through the pouring rain in 40 degree weather? Tons!

the germ doc shultz hand sanitizer character running through woods

But most importantly, we needed to present our dilemma: Dr Shultz needed funding to share shultz with the world. The second half of the video was dedicated to explain Dr. Shultz’s differentiators and reach out to the public for their help. Showcasing all of the benefits of Shultz and presenting our waste-free initiative

guy pointing at someone throwing stuff in the trash

Want to watch the film for yourself? You can check it out here and see how we did when it came to the funding part. (spoiler alert: we hit our goal in 30 days- THANK YOU!)

Also if you would like a better idea of all of the highs and lows of the shoot you can check out the bloopers here:

To A Fresher World,

Team Shultz. 


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