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The Shultz Experiment : Hand Sanitizer in Cleveland

The Shultz Experiment : Hand Sanitizer in Cleveland

You know how regular sanitizer dries out your hands? 

Pretty much everyone did. It's no secret that dryness is the worst side effect of hand sanitizer. The alcohol kills the germs, but then leaves your hands feeling awful - the key reason why we made Dr. Shultz in the first place. We let random people try our sanitizer on the street. Watch first time customer reactions to natural essential oil infused hand sanitizer. 

We hit the streets of Cleveland.

Being from Cleveland, we know that we have pretty big critics. So we wanted to say what random people on the streets would have to say about hand sanitizer, and then about our hand sanitizer.

How do your hands feel?

We got great feedback from random people in Ohio City and Tower Square.


"Silky Smooth"

"Really Soft"

See how it went when we let people try our more natural hand sanitizer below.

What if there was a hand sanitizer with natural essential oils and vitamins that left your skin Soft & Silky not Dry and Sticky?

Average hand sanitizers have an armada of ingredients that cheapen the process up, so we removed all the B.S. We kept only the ingredients needed for us to really sanitizer your hands, in a gel that spreads nice, and feels plus smells nice after. With just 8 ingredients, natural essential oils, and the best vitamins for your skin, Doc Shultz sets out to provide the best all around hand sanitizer for daily use for a fresher world.

Some of the best smelling hand sanitizer

Most sanitizers give you a headace with their strong chemical smell. With essential oils blended perfectly, we found out that one of the best parts of our sanitizer is the smell. People could not stop smelling their hands after their hands after so much to the point we had to give it a name : The Shultz Effect. Yes, random person looking at me, I am smelling my hands because they smell awesome.

The perfect hand sanitizer for Nurses

We talked to a lot of people these two days, and found that the people who felt us the most were nurses and teachers. With so many uses a day, you feel the side effects of hand sanitizer more than anyone. So, we've found we can definitely help when it comes to keeping your hands feeling and smelling their best.


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